What is Vineyard Worship?
We believe that worship is a lifestyle and that as we worship God, we meet with Him and encounter His presence and power. In John 4:23 Jesus declared, “true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him.”

What is the Vision of Vineyard Worship?

  • Worship and Honor God through music, song, dance, and art
  • Lead the congregation into intimate worship of God
  • Encourage congregational involvement
  • Be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit
  • Facilitate the gifts of the Holy Spirit during corporate worship (1 Cor 12 & 14)
  • Instruct the congregation in biblical worship

How Can I Get Involved?
There are numerous ways to serve on the worship team including the following: Worship Leader, Assistant Worship Leader, Musician, Vocalist, Dancer, Artist, etc. Vineyard Worship has a number of teams that rotate throughout the month.

If you would like to get involved in the worship team we encourage you to start attending the Worship Evenings which are typically held monthly and are open to all. Thereafter you will be invited to start attending worship practices with one or more of the bands.

The worship team plays an integral part in our weekly corporate gatherings and thus team members bear a serious responsibility. Therefore, it is expected that team members will:

  1. Be a committed follower of Jesus Christ who leads a life characterized by holiness
  2. Have attended the Vineyard for six months
  3. Regularly attend the Worship Evenings (typically monthly)
  4. Be a member of a kinship group or campus small group
  5. Be willing to take Vineyard 101 and 201 and become a member
  6. Faithfully attend worship team meetings, practice and Sunday gatherings
  7. Come to practice having practiced the songs and viewed the video / audio links provided in the master song lis
  8. Take your spiritual and musical growth seriously, work to grow in both areas and come prepared on Sunday
  9. Be gifted in the area of worship ministry
  10. Be in agreement with the overall vision of the Vineyard Church of Ithaca

Tim Brown is the Vineyard Worship Team Leader. He can be contacted at timothy.brown@turboeng.com. Tim can explain further the expectations and guidelines of serving with Vineyard Worship.