What is Vineyard Greeting?
We provide a warm and welcoming environment as people enter the church. Vineyard Greeters welcome people with a smile as they enter the building and provide them with the weekly program, help them find their way around the building, and answer questions people may have.

What is the Vision of Vineyard Greeting?
The purpose of the Vineyard Greeting is to help people connect to the life of the church.

How Can I Get Involved?
Get involved by serving as a Vineyard Greeter. There are a number of positions to be filled each week including Greeter and Greeting Coordinator.

Serving with Vineyard Greeting you are expected to help 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the service.

Greana Kirubakar is the Vineyard Greeting Team Leader. She can be contacted at greana.au@gmail.com. Greana can explain the expectation and guidelines of serving with Vineyard Greeting in more detail.