Membership at the Vineyard

Interested in becoming a member here? We have 2 classes that are required to become a member. Vineyard 101 is an overview of who we are as a church and denomination, and Vineyard 201 is more about making sure people clearly know what we expect from our membership. All of these classes are open to everyone in the church even if you don’t want to become a member. Other requirements for membership include being in the church for 6 months and having the recommendation of an elder, kinship leader or team leader. Have any questions, contact us at

After participating in both Vineyard 101 and Vineyard 201 attendees are invited to fill out a Membership Application Form.

Other Classes

There will be other periodic classes offered on topics that relate to the current message series, integrate with Christian life, or are just informational.  Check out our weekly newsletter for upcoming classes.

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