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Vineyard Kids


Our goal is to teach our children the basics of Christianity, bring them into relationship with Jesus Christ, and give them the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice by ministering to others.

Vineyard Kids provides quality children’s programming every Sunday worship service for all children 6th grade and under.

Vineyard Kids is a safe place for your child to have fun and learn something new and valuable each week. There is something for kids of all ages – babies, preschoolers and elementary age!


The Vineyard takes its ministry to children very seriously. With this in mind, all teachers must first be part of the Vineyard for 6 months, and be in good standing at the Vineyard. All volunteers must also undergo an interview as well as a national background check, screening process and training before they are able to work with or around children in Vineyard Kids.


Upon Arrival to Church

  1. Swing by the Vineyard Kids desk and check your children into Vineyard Kids.

After The Opening Worship Song and Welcome:

  1. Parents/guardians walk children to their classrooms and sign them in with the teacher.

  2. Parents/guardians return during offering to pick up their children so they may rejoin their parents/guardians for worship and communion. Once back in the sanctuary, parents/guardians are responsible for their children, and all children are encouraged to worship alongside their family/guardians.

Reminder- Keep your cell phone on vibrate during service. If any issues arise the teacher will text you.


In the nursery at Vineyard Kids, we strive to create a fun, safe, and friendly environment where newborns, babies, and toddlers sense God’s love through caring volunteers, Bible stories, play, worship and other meaningful activities.


Children at the preschool level are incredibly curious about the world, and are learning things at an extremely fast rate! The Vineyard Kids Preschool Ministry focuses on fun and engaging Bible Study appropriate for the preschool child, ages 3 to 4. Through Bible Stories, creative activities, and worship, children discover that God made them, God loves them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever. Parents are also provided with ideas to spark conversation with their children at home.


The Vineyard Kids Elementary Ministry for children in Kindergarten to 6th grade focuses on building the foundation of faith so that children can become world changers. Through music, drama, Bible Study, videos, games, and small groups, children come to know God more deeply and develop their faith. Children learn how to make wise choices, that they can trust God no matter what, and how they should treat others.

For more information about Vineyard Kids (newborns through the sixth grade) or if you are interested in helping with Vineyard Kids,

Contact Anjanette Brown at [email protected].