Weakness, Disciplines, and the Spirit of God: Communal Life in our COVID-reality
Robin Ying

Speaker Robin Ying continued our series in First Corinthians with a message about weakness, disciplines, and the Spirit of God and the role community has in our journey of faith, especially in our current COVID-reality.

Worship Songs

Lord You’re Mighty
Only A Holy God
How He Loves
Be Lifted Up

Discussion Questions

  1. Before today’s sermon what did you consider your role in the formative discipline of others (and/or the role of others in your own formative discipline)?
  2. Before today’s sermon what did you believe about weakness? How (if at all) did that change after the sermon?
  3. When Robin asked us to look around at the faces of the people in this body and consider whether we trust that they would be with you through messy situations, love you unconditionally, and pray for you how did you respond? If you responded no to any of the above, why?
  4. With regard to confession, Robin presented 7 steps from confessing only to God to actually detesting sin. If you were to consider a current struggle, where in this process do you find yourself? How do you feel about taking the next step?
  5. In general, confession, worship, guidance, and celebration can be practiced individually. If you’ve ever practiced any of these disciplines corporately,  share about your experience. Do you agree or disagree with Robin’s considerations for why these must be corporate disciplines?