So That You See
Mike Heisler

Interim Lead Pastor Mike Heisler begins the series in Ephesians. He started us out on chapter 1:18. Listening to Mike, he reminds us that God has empowered us with the Holly Spirit. A gift that we can choose how to share with others.

Message Notes:
Paul’s prayer regarding their ______________ and ______________

  • The __________ of our calling
  • The __________ of our inheritance
  • The greatness of His __________ toward us

Next Steps:

  • Pray for opportunity and have the eyes of your heart open to whom and how you can love others, especially those in the church.
  • Use verses 17-19 as a prayer for others
  • Ask yourself these questions?
    • What does this passage say to you?
    • What are you going to do about it?
    • How can we help? Write it on the connection card

Worship Songs:
Open Up tHe Heavens
Hungry (Falling On My Knees)
Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)
Good Good Father
All Glory
He’s Able
The Stand