Sharing In the Mystery
Mike Heisler

Interim Lead Pastor Mike Heisler continues our series Ephesians: Identity In Christ about the unity of the Gentiles and Jews and how foreign and jarring this new paradigm was for both sides.  Mike spoke from Ephesians 3 referencing back through chapter 1 and 2.

It is by ______ grace __________ you have been saved
Mystery: something ___ hidden _______________ or ______ unrevealed _______
We are together in:

  • _________ inheritance ______
  • _____________ promise __
  • _____________body__

A common framework for chapters and verses came about over time. Chapters in the 9th century, verses in the 16th.

Next Steps:

  • Read Ephesians 1-3 all together, 3 times this week.
  • Use the Thanksgiving and Christmas season to make known the mystery.  Bring Jesus to the Gentiles.  They are right next door.
  • Salvation Army needs bell ringers.

Worship Songs:
New Day
We Praise You
The Lion And the Lamb
Revelation Song
Graves Into Gardens