Mike Heisler

Speaker Mike Heisler continued our series in Speaking of Jesus with a message about the differences and similarities in Matthew, Mark and Luke and how they should be read simultaneously to get a full picture of Jesus’s life, starting with his childhood.

Birth of John the Baptist foretold:1:5-25
Annunciation of the birth of Jesus:1:26-38
Mary visits Elizabeth:1:39-56
Birth of John the Baptist:1:57-80
The two genealogies:1:1-173:23-38
Birth of Jesus:1:18-252:1-7
The watching shepherds:2:8-20
The circumcision:2:21-38
The wise men from the East:2:1-12
Flight into Egypt, and return:2:13-232:39
Jesus in the temple with the Jews:2:40-52

Worship Songs:
Yes I Will
Great Are Your Lord
All Consuming Fire
Make Room
Great Things