Good News
Mike Heisler

An interesting morning. I felt restless and got up early. Got some coffee and headed to my “sanctuary”. Having an unused room is one of the perks of being empty nesters. It also helps when my “morning person” spouse is singing at 7am.

So I sit down, open the phone, touch the Kindle App. “Login please”. Oh, did I mention that I got a new phone yesterday? Hunt down the password, enter it and I’m on page 1 on the book’s introduction. Now where was I in that book? Just “sync to the furthest read” place you say? Nope, I had skimmed around and that was way out there. I found my place pretty quick but you can see where this is heading.

Now to my eSword bible app. It has KJV as the current version. No big deal. Select bibles and … KJV is all there is! I had like 10 bibles installed, different English versions, 2 Greek texts, and the OT in Hebrew and Greek. I downloaded enough of those to be satisfied for the moment and went on to the devotional. Of course they are all gone too.

Now I have actually paid for some of these so I’m scrounging for product keys and logins. I got today’s and moved on. Something about shedding innocent blood. (Deuteronomy 19) It was lost on me at this point. Even the quote for today left me scratching my head.

“He that accuses all mankind of corruption ought to remember that he is sure to convict only one.” Edmund Burke

I think that’s a warning for me at this point regarding my phone but I’m not sure.

That last straw was breakfast. I leave the room and head to the kitchen. I often listen to the “World and Everything in It” podcast while I eat. Not today. I’m just eating. Marsha comes out and asks if I’m going to listen to the news. “Why?” I said. “It’s either going to be about what the President has done to undo what the previous President did or what the Senate is doing to impeach a guy who’s no longer in office, or both. I could use a little good news today.”

Well that reminded me of a song, Anne Murray’s “A Little Good News”. You might have never heard it given that it was 1983, before some of you were born! It was quite appropriate for this year. Marsha didn’t remember it so I played it for her. (A Little Good News-Ann Murray (Original 1983 Video)) I was nearly brought to tears as I listened and contemplated where we are. I haven’t quite gotten over it yet.

In the grand scheme of things Jesus is our Good News. The kingdom of God, salvation and resurrection are Good News. I’m just struggling to align my emotions with my head today. May His mercy and grace be with you in these interesting times. Maybe you can enjoy these too:
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(I have no connections with them nor have I read them. Just search results.)