What No One Tells You
Mike Foster

Mike Foster continues our series Tending Chaos with a message about Psalm 73. (NLT) 99% percent of the time we deal with normal life difficulties (normal, but not painless by any means) and we have effective ways of Being in Christ that brings order, or reorder, into that chaos. But there is a suffering that is just a completely different experience and every single one of these things are going to be needed in a new way, a deeper way. The chaos prolonged physical suffering brings is unique and it is powerful. The fight looks upside down because it’s a unique fight. But in God’s Presence, the uncertainty of experience becomes the certainty of faith. Here’s what I have learned about staying connected to God and about His goodness in tending chaos while in constant physical pain.

Worship Songs:
Sweetly Broken
I Speak Jesus
Praise Before My Breakthrough
Fear Is Not My Future
For Your Name Is Holy