Truth as Experienced Reality: The Manifest Presence of God
Ward Davis

Pastor Ward Davis began our series in Corinthians with a message about knowing the truth by experiencing the presence of God.

Breakout Questions

Why does Paul say he is grateful to God?
What does Paul point to in the community life of the Corinthian church that he says guarantees the truth of the Gospel?  (Answer: Their experienced of the manifest presence of God expressed through the gifts of the Spirit).
Ward said that for Paul and the Corinthians, Christianity was truth, but truth as an experienced reality- a reality experienced primarily in the person of the Holy Spirit. Have you ever been in a church that experienced the powerful presence of God’s Spirit? If so, describe what it was like.
What do you think we can each do, personally, to open ourselves more to experiencing God’s Spirit?
What can we do as a church to open ourselves more to God’s Spirit?

Worship Songs

Give Us Clean Hands
All Who Are Thirsty
Bayete Inkosi, Who Can Match Your Greatness
Chioma (Good God)
What A Mighty God
All Who Are Thirsty
Holy Spirit
Be Lifted Up