The Kingdom of God and the Local Church
Elijah Grubb

Speaker Elijah Grubb continued our series in First Corinthians about the importance of the local church in a believer’s life.

Breakout Questions

  1. In the Vineyard, we talk a lot about the Kingdom of God as God’s rule or reign. Does what you heard this morning modify or broaden your understanding? How so?
  2. How do you believe the local congregation fits into God’s plan for salvation?
  3. Elijah mentioned that institutions are often viewed with skepticism in our current cultural moment. Do you believe this assessment is accurate? If so, has it affected your view of the institutional church?
  4. How has this sermon challenged you? Is there anything that you are going to do differently as a result of the message?

Worship Songs

Your Grace Is Enough
Lift You Higher
At Your Name
Goodness of God
We Are Hungry

Next Steps

  • Become a member of a church.
  • Join a kinship or other small fellowship.