Palm Sunday: The Misunderstood King
Santosh Ninan

One of our Vineyard kids reads Author Santosh Ninan’s book “David’s Valuable Lesson.” Following the reading, Associate Pastor Santosh Ninan opens Holy Week with a message about the perspective of the people welcoming Jesus as he triumphantly enters Jerusalem.

Worship Songs

Better Is One Day
Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)
Hosanna [in the highest]
Break Every Chain
I Exalt Thee
Be Lifted Up

Discussion Questions

  • Consider the 2 reactions to Jesus: excitement and suspicion/hostility. How do you see these 2 reactions manifest today in terms of how people view Jesus? Reflect on how people perceive Christians in today’s culture. Is there view negative or positive?
  • What was the significance of Jesus riding a donkey? (especially if he was thought of as a king?)
  • Are there things in your faith that it took you some time to come to terms with? (The disciples didn’t understand what was happening at first – revelation came later.)
  • Why were religious leaders so threatened by Jesus’ popularity?