Handling Corporate Temptation
Mike Foster

Speaker Mike Foster continues our series in First Corinthians talking about our corporate responsibilities as a church and where we find pitfalls.

Discussion Questions

  • Scripture tells us to be actively engaged in anything we can do to help our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ as if we were there in chains with them.  It’s an Imperative, which means its a command not a suggestion.  What can you do to learn more about the persecuted church?  How can you help?
  • Can you identify any areas of pride in your life?  Any areas where it must be your way, or maybe where you refuse advice/wise counsel, or maybe you fly into rage when someone challenges or disagrees with you?  What will you do about it?
  • What tries to take the place of God in your life?  What causes you to think of your own best interest before others?  Keep in mind these can even be “good” things.  What will you do to ensure God stays in the place only He gets to occupy?

Worship Songs
Great In Power
Praise Adonai
Death Was Arrested
Goodness of God