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Mike Foster

Mike has a long history of serving the homeless in Ithaca. He started outreach and teaching launching a night church service that met in a bar, for those who wouldn’t normally attend a traditional church service (with help from Vineyard worship team members). He then served as the Chaplain and Program Manager for Ithaca’s Homeless shelter and currently works with people who have disabilities. Mike has spent countless hours in local homeless encampments trying to show people the love of God in practical ways, and organized hundreds of service events to help those in need and share God’s love in practical ways. Mike frequently says “It’s important to experience that God’s love is based on the preciousness of the object loved, not on anything received in return. The unexpected thing is, that makes us WANT to return it. This is the love of Covenant; a love that gives the other what they need the most, when they deserve it the least, at great personal cost. This is the love of marriage, the love of Christ with those who follow The Way.”

Mike’s approach to life as a Christian is heavily formed by God saving him from a life of alcohol and drug addiction on February 20, 2008. In that moment he heard God say “Go back to your people who feel there isn’t any hope and let them know there IS hope!” Having grown up in the church and found himself severely disillusioned, he found God in a way his previous church experience had never talked about. His desire is to share that Life with others.

Mike enjoys playing music, reading, and gaming, spiritual life, and time spent with his wife Alyssa and son Logan.

Favorite bands are: As I Lay dying, August Burns Red, War Of Ages, Darkness Divided.

Favorite authors are: Richard Rohr, Julian of Norwich, the anonymous author of The Cloud Of Unknowing, Evelyn Underhill.

Favorite games: Any

Favorite books of the Bible: Psalms, James, John.