What is Vineyard Women’s Ministry?
The Vineyard Women’s Ministry was birthed in the Summer of 2015. Since that time, women have gathered for three studies a year. One in the Spring, Summer and Fall, which last approximately 7 weeks each, with a general focus on studying a book in the Bible or topics on Christian living.

Towards the end of each session we cry out to God in prayer for direction on where He is leading us to go into the next season. We are open to the Lord’s direction each semester and willing to alter the current pattern if He desires us to have a different focus or time table.

What is the Vision of Vineyard Women’s Ministry?
The vision and intense prayer of the Vineyard Women’s Ministry is to gather women from all walks of life and share in the nurturing love and wisdom of the Lord Jesus Christ through fellowship and the study of His word. To create an environment of vulnerability and the pursuit of holiness. A place where women can go and receive “sanctuary”.

How Can I Get Involved?
Women are invited to join us for our seasonal studies. Currently, we do not provide childcare, but children are welcome to come under the supervision of their mom or other care giver.

Anjie Brown is the Vineyard Women’s Ministry Leader. She can be contacted at anjiebrown@gmail.com.