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Vision 2020 Month of Prayer & Fasting

Submitted by Angela Sorensen on Mon, 12/03/2018 - 11:42am

Prayer and Fasting

June 1 - 30, 2019

Our goal by 2020 is to create a faith-based campus for coordinated ministry to the universities and the broader community through the purchase of a new building. We have always celebrated and encouraged collaboration with other groups and ministries, so we are exploring a strategic partnership with up to three other ministries and another church to explore purchasing a building downtown that would house our ministries and provide space to the broader faith-based community in Ithaca. This joint campus will encourage collaboration, sharing of resources, and unity among the varied expressions of God’s Body in Ithaca.

The Vision 2020 Building Committee is inviting the congregation to commit to praying and fasting for the Vision 2020 campaign during the month of June. We have 30 days worth of prayer topics as a guideline. The guideline is broken down by themes for ease of use.

We look forward to what the Lord says to our congregation during this time of prayer and fasting.

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General Opening Prayers

Day 1 Pray for the Building Committee as they think up ways to motivate the congregation throughout our Vision 2020 campaign.
Day 2 Pray for our ministry leaders as they make decisions that could have an impact in a new building.
Day 3 Pray that our Vision 2020 campaign is an example in discipline to God and that it stands as a witness to others.

Prayer for the Church Goals

Day 4 Pray that we continue to invest in and touch lives around the world.
Day 5 Pray that we continue to reach those far from Christ.
Day 6 Pray that leaders are raised up through this process.

Prayers For Church People

Day 7 Pray for the elders as they make the final decisions.
Day 8 Pray that each segment of our congregation is wholly involved in this decision and invested in the outcome.
Day 9 Pray for our college and university students if we change locations or times of service.

Prayers for Local People

Day 10 Pray for strengthened relationships when making connections between people and situations in our everyday lives that could tie into finding a place to move to.
Day 11 Pray for collaboration among our congregation, our community, and local ministries.
Day 12 Pray for our ministry partners, that they still want to be partners and that we have a unified vision.
Day 13 Pray for unity as we work with other churches in the community.
Day 14 Pray for revival.

Prayers for a Building

Day 15 Pray for whether we should rent a space or purchase a building.
Day 16 Pray for whether we should extend our lease beyond January 31, 2020.
Day 17 Pray  the current owners would decide to back out of the demolition if we are supposed to stay or even purchase/rent our building.
Day 18 Pray for the location that will be most effective for our ministry.
Day 19 Pray for Ward as he is on the frontlines in a building search.
Day 20 Pray for any potential landlords, that they be led to be favorable towards the church and give good lease terms.
Day 21 Pray for our current building, how it gets used and how we treat it through any transition.
Day 22 Pray for patience and understanding with our current landlord.

Prayers for Vision 2020 Finances

Day 23 Pray for discernment on where we should be financially.
Day 24 Pray for financial institutions that we approach, that they receive us favorably and are realistic in their services.
Day 25 Pray for favor with foundations that we approach for financial helps.
Day 26 Pray for wisdom in how we fundraise.

General Closing Prayers

Day 27 Pray that God’s vision for our church is the vision we follow.
Day 28 Pray for everyone involved in our Vision 2020 campaign including leadership, financial contributors, and prayer partners.
Day 29 Pray for wisdom in all decisions made throughout the Vision 2020 campaign.
Day 30 Pray that the Holy Spirit makes a building location decision apparent to everyone at the Vineyard in unity.