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Worry: Would it Help?

November 24, 2019

Speaker Mike Heisler continues our series on People of Peace, How to deal with the anxiety of our world. Mike shares some dialogue from the movie Bridge of Spies: "You don't seem to be worried? (response) Will it help?" ....God is trustworthy! God will meet your needs.


Matthew 6:25-33; Phillipians 4:4-7; Psalm 50:14–15
Rejoice and choose not to be anxious (choose peace).

  1. Rejoice
  2. Choose ______________________
  3. Give Thanks
  4. ____________________________
  5. ____________________________

Aren’t you worried? ___________ ______ ___________?
Matthew 7:7-10

  1. Ask
  2. ___________________________ (His kingdom)
  3. ___________________________ 


Our Web site: (can search youtube also)
Ps 27:11ff goodness, courage, wait
Ps 28:7ff  strength, shield; rejoice,  give thanks
Ps 31 Trust, love God, be strong, take courage, wait
Ps 32 Stay near, trust and rejoice.
Ps 33:16ff trust God not stuff, wait
Ps 37 trust, do good, be still, wait
Movie: “Bridge of Spies"
Graham Cooke on Faith and Trust (3min)

Worship Songs

Great Are You Lord
Build My Life
Where the Spirit Of the Lord Is
Spirit Break Out
Revelation Song

Next Steps: 
  • Read through the psalms. 5 each day for 3 months. Do Ps 119 on its own.
  • Join a kinship or study
  • For 3 weeks: -Give thanks in and for your situation and those involved. Journal it with pen and paper. -Pray. Take 10 minutes each morning to talk with God. Pray through your thanksgiving list.