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Seeds, Fish, and Treasure

August 18, 2019

Speaker Mike Heisler continued our series in Matthew with a message about the parables and how it expresses the depth in which God loves and seeks after us.


Matt 13:36-51
What part do these play in the parables?
                      Jesus      World       Angels    Believers   Unbelievers
Seeds         ________  _________    _______  ________   _________
Fish Net     ________  _________    _______  ________   _________
                    Jesus      World     Angels    Believers
Treasure     ________  _________    _______  ________
Pearl           ________  _________    _______  ________

“Jesus _______________ you before _______________ wanted him.”
 I am that ______________
We were ________________ with a price. His ____________
We are His own ____________________

John Wimber: Youtube: The Cost Of Commitment 
Derek Prince: Extravagant Love
Wayne Jacobsen “He Loves Me!”

Worship Songs

Blessed Be Your Name
What A Beautiful Name
Build My Life
Be Unto Your Name

Next Steps: 
  • Read Matthew 13. Consider each parable. What does it mean? How does it relate to you?
  • Meditate on the love of Christ described in Ephesians 3:14-21
  • How does being His love and being His possession work out in your life?