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Psalms: Seeing God in His Fullness

May 24, 2020

Speaker Mike Foster begins our new series on Psalms speaking from Psalm 1.

1st breakout questions:
- Check in and ask group members if they have any needs. Make sure they know they can fill out the needs assessment form on our website.
- Read Psalm 1 together and discuss anything that stands out, any thoughts it inspires in group members.

2nd Breakout Questions:
- Would anything in our lives change if we saw Jesus saying “I Am The Way” not just as facts to agree with but an example of way to BE.
- What are some things you feel God would have you dissociate from, or associate with? Who will help you be accountable to doing it?
- Do we tend to read Psalms or meditate on Psalms (or neither)? How can we better use Psalms for reflection in our personal lives and know God more fully?

Worship Songs

Holy Is the Lord
What A Beautiful Name
You Are Good