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Power and Authority: 1 Corinthians 7:4-11

May 13, 2018

Speaker Mike Heisler challenges us to actually be doing the stuff that Jesus did.


We are empowered by _________________________
We do the works _______________ is doing
We are created in Christ Jesus ___________________________________
Our part is to
_______________ for God’s activity
_______________ for His direction
_______________ His lead Doin’ the stuff is the ______________ of God acting in the ______________ of God for the ___________ of God.


“Power Evangelism” John Wimber
“Naturally Supernatural” Gary Best
“Everyone Gets To Play” John Wimber
“Exercising Spiritual GIfts” Derek Prince: Outline
“Gifts of the Spirit” Derek Prince 15 minute audio teachings


“Furious Love”
“Kingdom Encounters”

Next Steps: 
  • Pray with someone for healing.
  • Pray for a listening heart to be aware of God’s guidance.
  • Watch one of the movies on deliverance or healing.