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Pharisees, Good Works and Righteousness

June 16, 2019

Pastor Ward Davis continues our series on Matthew in Matthew chapter 6. He reviews the Lord's Prayer as well as other aspects of the Sermon on the Mount.

Worship Songs

I Could Sing of Your Love Forever
Here As In Heaven
Shout To The Lord
Agnus Dei
Good Good Father
Our God

Next Steps: 
  • If you do not currently spend time each day with the Lord, try setting aside 20 minutes every day this week to read, pray and meditate on the Bible. At the end of the week consider it made a difference in your attitude.
  • Use the Lord’s Prayer this week as an outline to help guide your prayers during your devotional times.
  • Fast this week for one day from something you enjoy (internet, Netflix, food, sweets).
  • If you don’t give regularly to the church, begin doing so.