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Order, Disorder and Reorder, Part 1

July 5, 2020

Speaker Mike Foster continues our series in Psalms with a message from Psalm 146.

Breakout Questions

  1. How have you experienced order > disorder > reorder? Which part of the pattern are you experiencing right now in your life?

  2. How does knowing there are Hebrew words for Praise, that mean being boisterous to the point of appearing foolish, inform your understanding of corporate worship? Do you see any conflicts with Paul saying a church service should be “orderly” (1 Corinthians 14:40)?

  3. We all, at the very least at times, have things we trust in instead of God (idols). Maybe a spouse, or an author, speaker, news outlets, talk shows, the dreaded YouTube videos, jobs, paychecks, money in general, politicians, political platforms, certain types of government, even the institution of The Church. Maybe it’s going to a glass of wine of a video game for escape instead of going to God when we have a bad day. All of them boil down to seeking help from and trusting in humans, which keeps us stuck and unable to get to Reorder. Can you identify one area where this is happening in your life and what you will do about it?

Worship Songs

Come Now Is the Time to Worship
You're Worthy Of My Praise
Bayete Inkosi, Who Can Match Your Greatness
Chioma (Good God)
I Will Trust You
Be Lifted Up
The Blessing