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New King, New Kingdom, New Normal

December 9, 2018

Speaker Robin Ying links the Israelites wandering in the desert to the temptations of Jesus to encourage us in our faith.


Those who __________ _________ and responded in_____________ experienced ___________. But those who _________ to believe but ___________ God _________ _____. Lest we become like Israel who _________ __________ but grew not in faith, God in his infinite wisdom has made it so that our _____ must precede the _______.   

Lord, You have ___________________________
And though ______________________________,
today I believe.

Next Steps: 
  • take sabbath, a 24 hour (approx.) period of restorative rest, particularly when you feel stressed or compelled to work/study anxiously
  • practice the "today I believe" liturgy this coming week