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The Messiah in the Book of Psalms

May 31, 2020

Speaker Aloja Airewele continues our series in Psalms with Psalm 2 and God's supremacy over the nations.

1st breakout questions:
- Greet one another and share testimonies of answered prayers
- Read Psalm 2 together and choose one verse to memorize
- Pray that the prosperity of the Kingdom of God occupies the most prominent place in each other.
- Pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit on this Pentecost Sunday

2nd Breakout Questions:
- What areas of the world do you know of where the kingdom of God is growing rapidly?
- Pray for believers in those countries to be fully grounded in the grace and knowledge of the Lord
- Make a note to find out about specific regions and countries like IRAN (; Ireland (, The continent of Africa etc.
- Pray for the Vineyard Fellowship to continue to be effective in equipping Christians from all over the world that come here for education

Worship Songs

Open the Eyes of My Heart
Goodness of God
Where the Spirit of the Lord Is
Holy Spirit