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The Kingdom of God: “Bring it” Luke Chapter 8

December 3, 2017

Speaker Mike Heisler continues the series in Luke 8.

Notes Luke 8
Jesus is Lord
Calming the storm: Lord of ____________
Cast out a legion of demons: Lord of the ____________
Heal diseases: Lord of the ________________
Raise the dead: Lord of life & ______________
Provide for our needs: Lord of ________________

Other References: Ephesians 3:14-21

Each morning this week read  Luke 8:11-15, the explanation of the sower and seeds. Mediate on where you are with regards to it’s message. Ask God to help you hear with understanding.What storm are you facing that you lack faith in? Tell Jesus, and a friend, how you feel. Listen for his command and be assured in your heart.What fear of collateral damage do you have in proclaiming or bring the kingdom to others? Confess it to Jesus and a friend. Be free of it.