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Happy is the One Who Repays You: Psalm 137 as a Cry for Justice

June 28, 2020

Speaker Elijah Grubb continued our series in Psalms speaking from Psalm 137 and talking about injustice in the world.

Breakout Questions

  1. In the past when you have read Psalm 137 what has been your response to the strong language? Do you read the passage differently in light of today’s message?

2. How do you read such passages in light of Jesus’ teaching to love our enemies? Is it possible to love our enemies and cry out to God for justice?

  1. How does the cross inform our perspective on Psalms such as this?

  2. What place should Psalms like this play in the life of the Church and the individual Christian?

  3. Do you believe the corporate Church shares in the sin of racism? If so, what are we called to do to right this wrong? If not, why not?

6. In your group, pray this Psalm. Feel free to adapt it in ways that you believe are consistent with what God is speaking to the Church today.

Worship Songs

Open the Eyes Of MY Heart
At Your Name
Here For You
Stand In Your Love
Where The Spirit Of the Lord Is