Small Groups

Kinship Groups

Our Small Group ministry is founded on the belief that it is not just the paid or “professional” pastors who are called to minister, but that as members of the church we are each responsible to serve one another in love and bear one another’s burdens. One of the primary roles of the paid staff therefore, is to raise up leaders from within the church, equipping them for ministry to the body, and providing them with ongoing supervision and support.

This principle of preparation, delegation, and oversight of volunteer leaders undergirds our entire approach to Kinship Group ministry here at the Vineyard. You will hear us refer to these groups as either "Small Groups" or "Kinship Groups" because of the tight-knit bonds that are created within groups.

If you have never been in a Vineyard kinship group before, you are in for a great experience! For more information contact Mike Heisler at

Wednesday Kinship Group

Currently, we are meeting in one large Kinship Group on Wednesday nights at the church.  We have a core hour from 6:30 – 7:30.  You are invited to hang out the half hour before and after for a time of fellowship as it fits your schedule.  Bring your own food as needed.  Different leaders will lead the core hour.

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