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Church Services

Submitted by Angela Sorensen on Mon, 12/03/2018 - 11:42am

Vineyard Church of Ithaca is currently meeting in-person and online. To join us in-person we ask you to register online before you come. REGISTER HERE. Taking into consideration differing feelings within the congregation and guidelines from the governor and CDC certain precautions will be enforced when we meet.

Even after resuming in-person services in our building, we will continue to livestream the service for those who don’t yet feel comfortable meeting in-person 

When we meet back at the church building we will be limiting the number of people in the sanctuary so that we can maintain 6-10 feet between people. To this end we will be requesting people register if they want to come to worship services.  There will be greeters at the door with a registration list. For Cornell students: we have a secondary location that will accommodate students. (see below)

The use of hand sanitizer and masks will be mandatory upon entry to the building.  You will also be asked if:

  • Have you had a fever in the last 48 hours?
  • Been in a room with someone who has had a positive COVID-19 test?
  • Have a fever of 100.4 F or above now or in the preceding 72 hours?
  • Have a cough?
  • Have a sore throat?
  • Have any unusual muscle aches?
  • Have any difficulty breathing/shortness of breath?
  • Any recent loss of taste or smell?

We’ll encourage social distanced fellowship while in the church building, but will not be providing any food or beverages until we progress through the NYS stages further. Per state guidelines we are allowed to have up to 150 people in the sanctuary.  Social distancing guidelines are being followed and children are welcome.  If you find the chairs too confining, please feel free to move them to a more advantageous social distanced position.

Children K-5th are welcome in their classroom during service. Please contact Amanda Grubb, [email protected], for more information if you would like to participate.

These are all the things we are asking you our congregants to do. Please know that in addition to these precautions we are maintaining rigorous cleaning schedules and making sure everything is sanitized regularly. We trust that you are experiencing the Lord’s peace during this difficult time. Please let the church know if you have any needs.

Here is information to join us on Sundays via zoom:

Topic: Vineyard Church of Ithaca Worship Services
Time: This is a recurring meeting on Sundays at 10:00 am
Meeting Invitation Link:
By phone: 646-558-8656,106523959#, #, 899701# US (New York)
Meeting ID: 106 523 959
Password: vineyard
Here is a video if you need help joining us.

Cornell Students

Students (undegrad and grad) are an integral part of the church. We value your presence and look forward to fellowshipping with you all even as COVID and Cornell's Behavioral Compact add some complications. While social distancing and masks will be required for all participants, there will be a special protocol for student registration and participation. Note that just because you register does NOT mean that you will be allowed to attend service in person. On any given Sunday there are 4 different possibilities, and things can change at the drop of a hat.

  • a) for 2-3 weeks a month students will only be allowed to worship in-person in the cafe which will receive a direct audio feed from the main sanctuary (attendance cap ~ 20)
  • b) for 1-2 weeks a month students will be allowed in the main sanctuary. On these Sundays students will be responsible for worship and A/V in order to maximize the number of students who may participate
  • c) when Cornell moves into the yellow zone the cap will be dropped from 30 to 10
  • d) when Cornell moves into the orange or red zones in-person attendance is not suggested

Thus, for any given Sunday, students must pre-register by 11:59 the Friday prior to be considered and will be notified with a confirmation for attendance on Saturday (other you will be requested to join us virtually)

  1. Download the "Church Center" App and find us (Vineyard Church of Ithaca)
  2. Pre-register for service on Sunday by Friday at 11:59 pm and check the box for the Cornell Behavioral Compact
  3. Await confirmation for in-person attendance
  4. only if you have received confirmation may you proceed to the in-person service otherwise please respect our request that you join us virtually

If you have any questions or concerns please email either [email protected] (Vineyard Administrative Assistant) or [email protected] (elder/Cornell Health Officer Liaison)