Popularity Contests, Superstars and Firm Foundations: What Makes a Solid Church?
Ward Davis

Pastor Ward Davis continues our message series in First Corinthians with a message about the human tendency to make idols.

Discussion Questions

  • Have one or more people in the group read 1 Corinthians chapter 3.
  • What do you think Paul means when he says that Jesus should be the foundation of a church?
  • Do you think the Church has the tendency to idolize Christian leaders? Explain. What is the danger of idolizing leaders?
  • When you look at your life, would you say you’re building well, or poorly?
  • Why is disunity such a serious matter in the church?
  • What does Paul mean when he says that  we (the Church) are the temple in which God dwells by His Spirit? What evidence do you see that this is true?

Worship Songs

Here’s My Heart
You’re Worthy Of My Praise
Only A Holy God
May God Be Everywhere I Go