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Sean Kuplen

Sean has a Masters Degree in Engineering Mechanics from Penn State University, has published several technical papers, and holds two international patents in the field of Powder Metallurgy. Originally from Long Island, Sean moved to Ithaca in 1999 - with his wife Julie - to take a job at BorgWarner Inc. Julie and Sean have two sons, Jairus and Joshua, who they could easily spend every day with and not grow tired.

Sean accepted Jesus as his Savior and Lord when he was 8 years old while at Word of Life Camp in the Adirondacks; however, Sean’s commitment to God really took root during his High School years after being invited to a youth group at a neighboring church.

Sean enjoys partnering with God by serving others in the workplace, leading teams as a Manager of Program Management. Sean is also an active supporter of Tompkins County YoungLife and serves as the Finance Chair on the Steering Committee.

Sean relishes adventures with his sons and one-on-one conversations over breakfast. Join in!

Favorite scriptures: “The lamp of the body is the eye...” Matt 6:22
“The kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field…” Matt 13:44
Inspirational book: Madness, by Jossy Chacko
Hobbies: Home wine making
What he really enjoys: Time with family, quiet cabins on a lake, SCUBA in the Caribbean, sailing, and helping mentor others in their career.